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We're a friendly community of HubSpot users based in and around Edmonton — What if you joined us?
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The Official Edmonton HubSpot User Group

Improve your HubSpot and Inbound Marketing skills by meeting your business peers in Edmonton and see how they drive Inbound Marketing success. We regularly meet up every quarter and provide guest speakers, group discussions, Q&A, as well as networking with other Inbound Marketing users in your area.
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About the Edmonton HubSpot User Group

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What’s a HUG?

You know what a HUG is, right? It’s a HubSpot User Group. We’re a community of business owners and sales and marketing professionals who use HubSpot to orchestrate winning inbound marketing campaigns. Some of us have been in the game for years — but others are just getting started.

Can I Join?

Yes please! We’re open to business, sales, and marketing professionals of all levels interested in HubSpot. Whether you’re a power user plugged in since the beginning, or you’ve never used it before at all, as long as you want to learn more inbound with a community of like-minded peers, you’re in.

What Happens at a HUG?

HubSpot is an ever-evolving tool used in the fast-paced world of inbound marketing. In a HUG, HubSpot-using professionals and those looking to find out more about it meet in person to learn together, share tips, and help each other get the most out of the platform.







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